Our school’s uniform with the Ascend logo can be found at The League Brand, Cookies, and Ideal (flyers below).


The League Brand:

For the flyer, click here.

Online website:


We would like families to be mindful that we are unaware of their delivery timeline due to COVID-19.


For the flyer, click here.


For the flyer, click here.



We want to recommend a platform students/families can use to access books for independent reading. Introducing…..SimplyE!


SimplyE is the New York Public Library’s FREE e-reader App and program that brings together more than 300,000 e-books and audio books all in one place. Hurray! Below is a one-pager explaining how you can download the app, use the app, and how you can get access to a NYPL Library card through SimplyE.

SimplyE One-Pager

Grab & Go Meals


Update: The DOE will continue their Grab & Go Meal Program through December.

  • Our families are more than welcome to grab meals from one of 400+ DOE locations. Click here to find the closest Meal Hub location to you and for more information, including their hours.
  • As we learn more about the DOE continuing to provide citywide meal service, we will send messages as needed.

Remind App


Email is our primary method of communication. We will also use an App called Remind to post announcements and have a space for you to connect individually with teachers and staff.


Join Remind by:

  • Opting into the text message you received to join your scholar’s class or

  • Downloading the Remind app or going to Remind.com and creating a login with your phone number.

    • You should be automatically in your scholar’s class. If you are not, please email us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

    • To help us get to know you, please ensure your scholar’s name is in your display name.

Remote Learning: Google Classroom / Nearpod - Getting Started

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